Healing Grants

Ibogaine Treatment Grants

Needs-based ibogaine treatment grants for those who can benefit the most.

Support for Ibogaine

Granting policy highlights
  • Grantees are selected through community organizations that provide additional needs-based support.
  • Grants cover transportation and treatment with trusted medical teams outside of Canada and the US.
  • Our focus is ibogaine-assisted detoxification for people who use drug.

“Any person who is addicted to drugs who wishes to be free of that addiction shall be able to have that choice.”

– Howard Lotsof

The role of our partner organizations

Ceiba’s partner organization are community-embedded groups – harm reduction centers, drug user unions, etc. – that have the capacity to provide adjunct support for someone wishing to make a significant lifestyle change with the help of ibogaine. This can include:

  • General health services
  • Where possible, prescription of short acting opioids prior to treatment (required for suboxone or methadone treatment, strongly preferred for fentanly treatment)
  • Assistance with housing
  • Ongoing recovery support
  • Employment counseling

Does your organization qualify?

Ibogaine is a tool that can help to ease difficult transitions, but most people requires additional support to accomplish their long-term goals. Our granting capacity is limited, and partnerships are designed to ensure that grants are delivered to those in a position to benefit from them the most.

Who will benefit the most?

We believe that many people can benefit from ibogaine. With limited resources, our granting priorities focus on situations involving:

  • High risk drug users (considering: overdose risk, method of administration, etc.)
  • Lack of financial resources or family support (receiving housing support, food stamps, disability, etc.)
  • Exhausted other detox or addiction recovery options
  • Accessing harm reduction and health services through a community partner
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals, including drug convictions
  • Housing, employment, medical or legal issues that can be positively effected by detoxification
  • BIPOC communities
  • Completion of preparation procedures (can include changes to medications or stabilization on short-acting opioids prior to arrival)
  • Able to travel internationally (passport not required for US residents)


As well as people who have resources for afterwards, including:

  • Adequate housing and financial support
  • Access to ongoing counseling and health services
Our clinic partner

Ambio Life Sciences

Ambio is a leader in the field of ibogaine-assisted therapies. A highly experienced medical team includes several doctors, psychologists, nurses, paramedics, and numerous referring specialists on hand. The founders have over 40 combined years of treatment experience, and have helped to define ibogaine-treatment safety protocols.

Located in: Tijuana, Mexico
Specialization: Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, Traumatic Brain Injury, others

The Process

How the granting and treatment process works

The following is a very general framework for what Ceiba offers through our granting program, and the course of the treatment process.



Grants are stipulated for community partners, who help collect application information directly from within their service network.

Eligibility of candidates is discussed with members of Ceiba’s granting panel, and specific preparation requirements are provided by our clinic partner. This usually includes a request for an electrocardiogram and blood work. It can also include any medication changes and relevant time-frames before ibogaine can be administered.


Preparation & Planning

Any required preparations regarding medical screening, medication changes, are completed. A Ceiba coach works with the grantee and the community organization to establish a clear post-treatment plan. Dates are selected and travel arrangements are confirmed. This period can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, on a case by case basis.


Arrival & Stabilization

Generally, grantees from Canada or the US will fly in to San Diego, California and be transported directly to the clinic by car. During the duration of their stay in Mexico, grantees will stay on-site at the clinic. Upon arrival, additional medical tests including another electrocardiogram, blood test, drug urine screen, and any other required tests, will be completed. Medications may be used to assist with stabilization, the period for which can vary from case to case from 3 to 10 days.

IV fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes may be administered. On-site counseling is available, as well as temescal (traditional Mexican sweatlodge), breathwork, yoga, meditation, infrared sauna, and hot tub.


Ibogaine Treatment & Recovery

Ibogaine is administered in order to break chemical dependency. Protocols may vary, but generally involve an initial flood dose, followed by booster doses as appropriate during the following days. Treatments are done in a comfortable setting under close medical supervision. A doctor is present during treatments, and patients are connected to a heart monitor. Recovery periods for ibogaine can vary, but a minimum of 72 hours is observed prior to discharge. Grantees also have the option of 5-meo-DMT therapy during this period. Overall stays at the clinics can range from 10 to 16 days, depending on various factors.

Any recommended adjustments or additions to the post-treatment plan are discussed at this point.


Post-Treatment Support

Grantees are transported back to the airport to travel home, and return to the support of the community organization, following the plan that has been established. What we consider as the critical post-treatment period varies from months to a year or more, depending on the situation. Strong experiences with ibogaine are not uncommon, and it can be helpful during this period to also stay in touch with others who have shared this experience.

Those who remain available to follow-up may be asked, whether by Ceiba or by the community organization that referred them, to share their experience with upcoming grantees.

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