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Making a plan for after ibogaine is an important part the treatment process. I offer Journey Recovery, an 8-week post-ibogaine virtual intensive outpatient (VIOP) program designed for people after ibogaine, as well as one-on-one coaching. Sometimes these online programs are perfect additions to a stable recovery plan, and integrate with work and home life.

Journey Recovery Virtual IOP

Journey Recovery

8-week Post-Ibogaine Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP)

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Other times, it is useful to look at other options. Below is a collection of the options that I discuss with my clients. This list includes residential aftercare centers, psychotherapy, and local or online group therapy that are mostly focused on holistic approaches that include either plant medicines or psychedelic therapy. Each of these resources can offer important levels of support. There are benefits and unique challenges that come with any of these options, and below I try to outline some of those things that are important to consider.

Disclaimer: I am not necessarily affiliated with all or any of these programs. I have not necessarily spent time at them, worked with people going through them, nor do I necessarily follow their treatment philosophy. This is just a list of options that are out there to consider. Being listed here doesn’t necessarily constitute a recommendation or referral.

Ibogaine-Informed Inpatient Aftercare

These programs are residential centers that are specifically tailored towards people post-ibogaine treatment. For many people, having an extra week, several weeks, or several months outside of their home environment is enough to be able to get a few things sorted out emotionally and practically after treatment. This can include any number of things from figuring out how to balance a sleep schedule, to dealing with pain, to just adjusting to a new state of mind. While this time can be beneficial to sort things out in most cases people will need to eventually return home, back to work and family life.

Root Recovery
Austin, Texas
Run by Lindsey Slater, Root Recovery is a home-based residential aftercare and transitional living program. Incorporates an active outdoor lifestyle including hiking and other activities. Weekly sweat lodge and weekly SMART Recovery meetings hosted on-site. Other adjunct therapies are available as well, including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, kambo, acupuncture, and coaching.

Inscape Recovery
Malinalco, Morelos, Mexico
An integrative addiction treatment and ibogaine aftercare program that combines indigenous plant medicines with naturopathic systems, phytotherapy and psychotherapy.

Flor de la Vida
Near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Flor de la Vida is a small-scale homestead and farm that can host a single guest or a couple for stays between one to several weeks. The environment is serene, private, far from city and town life, and involves working on the land and in the gardens. This would be a good option for someone interested in transitioning into a WOOFing lifestyle, who is naturally meditative and is used to rural and meditative lifestyles. Adjunct therapies and private yoga sessions are available, as well as some other activities.

Klarity Life
Las Vegas, Nevada
Klarity Life is a holistic detox center in Las Vegas, Nevada that provides a pain-free detox experience incorporating both ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, NAD+ amino therapy, and other holistic approaches. Formerly known as the Holistic House, which exclusively offered ibogaine aftercare, Klarity Life is ibogaine-informed and provides a high level of ongoing support to address PAWS, cravings, and to continue to explore the root causes of personal challenges.

Living Clean Ibogaine
Ashland, Oregon
Since 2012, Living Clean Ibogaine has provided a unique aftercare that supports recovery in a real-life environment. Clients can choose the level of care that includes intensive outpatient. Living Clean is partnered with a state-licensed holistic outpatient program to treat psychological roots of addiction, while offering a long-term personalized support. The program incorporates indigenous healing arts and is delivered on a 1:1 client/counselor basis over a period of up to 2 years, until your recovery goals are solidified in real life.
Contact Danesh at +1 415-686-9700.

Other Residential Programs

These programs are residential programs that could be appropriate for people post-ibogaine because of their expertise on addiction treatment and their rounded holistic philosophy. There are many options for sober living and long-term treatments, but this list highlights programs that have a transpersonal orientation, taking into consideration therapeutic as well as communal or spiritual values of various kinds.

Centro Nierika
Malinalco, Morelos, Mexico – Short or long-term
A beautiful natural center that conducts research, cultural programs, and healing retreats that are focused on addiction treatment and other transitions. Includes expert-level psychotherapy, indigenous plant medicine, sweat lodge, bodywork, physiotherapy, acupressure, guided juice fasting and holistic detox, yoga, and the opportunity to learn hands on permaculture in extensive gardens around the site.

New Life Foundation Thailand
Thailand – 30 day minimum
New Life is a residential aftercare program that incorporates yoga and Buddhist practices in conjunction with individual and group psychotherapy. Note: New Life has requirements for how long people are off of opiates, particularly long-acting opioids like methadone and suboxone.

Tarapoto, San Martín, Peru – 1 year program
An innovative long-term residential program that blends allopathic medical support with traditional amazonian medicine. The program is supported by communal living with other residents, psychotherapy, and the use of medicinal plants including ayahuasca.

Addiction-Informed Group Meetings

Offered by CeibaLife After Ibogaine
SMART Recovery-based – Online Meetings – Abstinence/Harm Reduction
At Ceiba we offer a twice monthly online group meeting that is tailored specifically towards people who have gone through ibogaine treatment. The format is a facilitated peer support group based on principals and tools used in SMART Recovery meetings.
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12 Step Fellowships
Worldwide – In-person and online available – Abstinence based – Belief in higher power
There are 12 step groups for almost every type of substance and behavior, and meetings are available almost everywhere in the world on a regular basis. 12 step meetings can be very helpful for people as a way to connect with others with similar experiences, to and to build a peer support network. We believe that can be hugely beneficial, and encourage people to continue in their program if they find it supportive.
List of online 12-step online meetings/social network

Psychedelics in Recovery
12 step/12 tradition – In-person and online meetings – Abstinence/Harm Reduction
A small but growing group that conducts online meetings that are specifically organized as a secondary fellowship for those who are part of other primary 12-step programs such as AA, NA, SLAA, etc., and who are either actively using or interested in using psychedelics or plant medicines during the process of recovery.
To join the mailing list contact the fellowship through their website.

Spiritual Emergence Anonymous
12 step/12 tradition – Online Meetings – Focused on difficult spiritual experience
A small but growing fellowship of people who have had powerful and potentially disorienting spiritual experiences, whether through the use of substances including psychedelics, through near death experiences, through any other kind of spontaneous mystical experiences, or by other means.
Online meetings

Recovery Dharma
Buddhism/mindfulness inspired – In-person and online available – Abstinence based
Recovery Dharma (formerly Refuge Recovery) is a peer-led meditation and mindfulness based recovery group based on the belief that Buddhist values provide a strong foundation for recovery. Focused on finding other ways of managing suffering.
Local meeting finderOnline meetingsWomen/Nonbinary online meetings

Yoga for 12-Step Recovery
Yoga/12-Step – In-person classes – Abstinence based
Yoga for 12-Step Recovery is a yoga-centered holistic recovery program that offers facilitated yoga classes in conjunction with recovery fellowship. The approach to yoga is informed by somatic trauma recovery techniques. Meetings are donation based and offered throughout the United States (some internationally).
Find a local meeting

Breathwork for Recovery
A community of trauma and substance use-informed mental health breathwork facilitators that offer group sessions in several major US cities including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York. Breathwork is a powerful adjunct to ibogaine, as well as an incredible stand-alone therapy for processing challenging emotional, physical and psychological experiences.

SMART Recovery
Cognitive-Behavioral based – In-person and online available – Abstinence based
Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is considered one of the leading alternatives to 12-step programs, SMART recovery is agnostic about the “disease” model of addiction, focusing instead on developing rational strategies for dealing with patterns of thought and belief that lead to out of control behavior. Based on cognitive-behavioral models, SMART works with practical tools in meetings that are facilitated by trained volunteers.
Find local meetingsFind online meetings

Women for Sobriety
Women only – In-person and online available – Abstinence based
WFS is a not-for-profit of women founded in 1975. The program is based on thirteen acceptance statements which encourage emotional and spiritual growth. WFS has certified moderators and chat leaders leading mutual support groups online and in person, as well as phone volunteers available for one-on-one support.
Tools and ResourcesMeeting finderOnline support forum

LifeRing Secular Recovery
In-person and online – Secular based
A worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs, LifeRing provides peer-to-peer support that is based on developing, refining, and sharing personal strategies for continued abstinence and crafting a rewarding life in recovery.
Find local meetingsOnline meetingsEmail listsOnline community forum

Moderation Management
Alcohol only – In-person and online – Non-abstinence based
Some people are looking to manage the problematic aspects of drinking alcohol without completely stopping their use. This can either be a transitional strategy on the way to abstinence, or a realistic goal for others depending on their personal situation. Moderation Management is a group that is focused on supporting its members to set goals to manage alcohol use and reduce other associated harms.
Find a meetingOnline list-servChat room

Psychedelic-Informed Group Meetings

These meetings are groups based on integrating psychedelic experiences, although they are not necessarily informed about or attended by people who have problematic substance use or other behavioral issues. These groups could be useful for people who have particularly intense visionary experiences during treatment, or people who realize that they have undergone shifts of worldview that lead to new insights and curiosities that they are not able to or comfortable exploring within their family or community groups.

Psychedelic Integration Circles by and for BIPOC

1st and 3rd Sunday, 4 to 6pm EST – Sabina Project
Donation-based meetings for BIPOC to integrate psychedelic journeys of all kinds.

Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program
Center for Optimal Living, New York City
Individual and group psychotherapy

After the Medicine: Psychedelic Disintegration
7pm every Tuesday, New York City
$30 for 90-minute sessions with Brian Murphy and Dimitri Mugianis.  Contact if interested.

Psychedelic Integration Circles
Beyond the specific list above, many cities host various kinds of psychedelic integration circles sometimes by therapists, therapy centers, student groups, or local psychedelic societies. You can find a useful list of these meetings on I’ve talked to others that have found that is a good resources for finding community related to psychedelics, plant medicines, or other interests.

Do you know of a program or group that would be a useful resource for people after ibogaine? Please, let me know.

  1. Shaylee Packer 4 years ago

    As you mentioned, it is so important to have a good support system when trying to get through something like this. Having others around you that know exactly what you are going through, and how hard it is, will help one get over their addiction. It is so great that there are so many options for people to look toward to help them.

  2. Walter Screnci 4 years ago

    Hey Jonathan!!! This is Wally from ROOT RECOVERY! I loved the meeting you hosted last night. Thank you so much for making this happen!

    Anything that you need from me, just let me know! ?

    Here is my FACEBOOK LINK for workout videos! I am gonna do a kettlebell one later today.

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